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Noora is a young soprano and an experienced concert singer,

currently living in Southern Sweden

"We see Noora Karhuluoma in this role: Wonderful to see her on the opera stage, resounding high and clear..."

"Donna Anna was sung by Noora Karhuluoma; her main aria
in the second act was strong and refined..."
"Soprano Noora Karhuluoma carries a heavier burden without noticeable effort and lays the foundation for many recitatives with her full timbre yet without compromising expression..."
"Soprano Noora Karhuluoma sings with authority the great joyous cry "Rejoice greatly!" Her phrasing and enunciation are excellent. One easily hears the power and inspiration in Händel´s music"
"A wonderful Opera Evening at Saltimporten, with Noora Karhuluoma, a stylish musician who moves us deeply"

Samuli Örnströmer

Artistic Director "Kammarmusik på Saltimporten"
Solo cellist, Malmö Symphony Orchestra
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